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"On his perfectly titled 5th solo album, THE SMOOTH FACTOR, Dee Lucas continues his soulful mastery of the soprano sax in the tradition of one of his heroes, the late George Howard…" ~JONATHAN WIDRAN
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"Going Deeper"
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Welcome to the online home of Dee Lucas This site was designed to give you a look into the world of soprano sax man Dee Lucas. National recording artist and contemporary jazz soprano saxophonist Dee Lucas continues to take contemporary jazz in a different direction with his unique melodic styling. This Atlanta-based saxophonist has been consistently expanding his fan base since the release of his well-received 2004 debut solo CD “Remembrance". The latest release, “Going Deeper" is a true testimony to reincarnating contemporary jazz with a fresh and honest approach to an already competitive genre of music. Feel free to send an email and let him know your thoughts and comments. Make sure you connect via his social media to keep up todate on future events. 
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